gibson j200 copy

101I always loved the 53-55 wrap-around Goldtops. I bought one from Tony Beastie at Antone’s Guitars in Hull a few years ago but couldn’t afford to keep it. I always regretted selling it, even though it had the original skinny frets, which I find hard work. About a year later, in 2004, I found another one on the internet in Vienna. I rang the shop and luckily the owner’s wife, Sandra, was Scottish and could understand me. I got a flight out and bought the guitar – which had been very accurately described. Changed tuners, re-fret, non-original input surround. The 9000 Euros was a bit of a struggle at the time but boy am I glad I hung onto it when I see what they’re going for now, only two years later! Nothing sounds like a 50s P90. This is the guitar I used on I Never Left on the new Alarm album Under Attack for all the picking parts. Killer!

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