gibson j 200 used for sale

99Description: Gibson J-200 flat top guitar
Available: 1938 to present.
Case: Brown hardshell case with a pink lining was the top-end Gibson case. The mid-line case was a brown hardshell with a green or brown lining. Also sold a cardboard aligator case for those on a budget. 1938 to 1940s model could also have a black case with a red strip around the outside lid.
Collectibility Rating: Rosewood models: A+, Maple models: B+, 1961 and later models: C
Production: 1938:25, 1939:20, 1940:21, 1941:30, 1942-1947:unknown, 1948:166, 1949:111, 1950:101, 1951:204, 1952:201, 1953:201, 1954:250, 1955:131, 1956:181, 1957:229, 1958:131, 1959:172, 1960:167, 1961:125, 1962:139, 1963:259, 1964:277, 1965:204, 1966:214, 1967:285, 1968:404, 1969:392 
General Comments: A very fancy Gibson flattop. Unfortunately, because of the maple design (maple back and sides and neck) the Gibson J200 guitar does not have the warmth in sound of the J-45 and other mahogany or rosewood models. Lots of treble and bite to the sound. This is why rosewood Gibson J200 guitars are so nice (warmer tone). I love the rosewood versions, but the maple ones are still a beautiful guitar.

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